Thursday, 10 November 2011

Prospecting: small starlings from soil.

Uncover your fears. Let them loose. They are starlings beneath the dirt; muscles flinching, tensing, wings trembling, waiting. Barely waiting.

Spread your fingers. Dig purposefully, gently. Prospecting. Reach beneath softly beating bodies and lift lightly. But don’t force them. Let them come.


Release their iridescence from the dark fragile cool. Breathe breath over their feathers. Bend close and listen. Then watch as they shake, flutter and sweep away. Small starlings from soil.

See sheets of reality suspended; bending fluid-like, drifting dream-like. See them moving as many moving as one. Poise, phase, release. Let them loose.


And if winter's first breath looks like this, feels like this. Then seek it out like this. Uncover it and let it loose like this. Let it go.


Now press play.

Starlings fill the skies from Mark Rigler on Vimeo.


And there's also this.