Friday, 21 February 2014

I ain't afraid of no boats

Looking for something positive to do? Hate what's happening to asylum seekers but feel powerless to do anything about it?

People who work in politics regularly say one thing that really has impact, is direct contact from the public. Contact Scott Morrison MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection:, 02 6277 7860.

What to say? He works for you. And you’re not satisfied with his performance. Give him a piece of your mind. Tell him you expect transparency from your government. Tell him to allow journalists unlimited access to the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres, including the right to take and distribute photos and report on the conditions they witness and the stories they hear and verify. Tell him you won't vote for his party ever again (even if you didn't vote for them in the first place).

The Labor party are hardly any better. Contact the shadow Immigration Minister Richard Marles MP on (03) 5221 3033 or Tell him the same thing. Tell him you’ll vote Greens next election (they hate that), even if you really voted Greens last time.

Do what you like, but that's what I'll be up to next week.

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